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Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Subject:Oxford-at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Time:6:00 pm.
Oxford at last! without the flu (still don't know whether it was freshers'  or swine flu but i'm utterly grateful to all gods of all pantheons that i'm kind of all right now:) Can't wait to get hands on all the books I wanted to read for ages and simply couldn't find at home....Hmmm, yeah I need to write MA dissertation as well, but first I need some honeycaces=read anything on ATG o_0

And really want to go to RLF's lecture but don't know if ppl from other faculties and graduate can attend them :/ And on top of that can't find when they are held. 
Ok.I better stop before I start fangirling *giggles*
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Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Subject:the sexiest cookie
Time:3:47 pm.
Mood: flirty.

Ok I want this chocolate factory with the GUYS:)! I bet they don't eat cookies.
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Monday, September 15th, 2008

Time:11:34 am.

You Should Date A Swede!

You're a romantic, albeit an understated and practical one.

It's more about a steady partnership for you, not unrestrained falling

Your Swede will give you the unwavering love you crave

While making up some mean pancakes and meatballs on the side!

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Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Subject:Story. New Life
Time:4:53 pm.
Mood: working.
This is an original story that was inspired by a talk with a friend of mine. It deals with transsexualism in a post communist country.

Title: New Life

warnings: m/m, transsexualism,N/C, H/C, violence, minor...

rating: NC-17

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Friday, April 4th, 2008

Time:2:28 pm.
Mood: creative.
my two favorite "home made" paintings

marriage of emperor dushan:

coronation of emperor dushan:
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Saturday, January 5th, 2008

Subject:camac na tisi
Time:11:20 am.
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Thursday, September 6th, 2007

Subject:photos of Alexander's sculpture from Capitoline Museum
Time:4:59 pm.

Photos of Alexander Helios from Capitoline Museum:

and of a bust that is thought to belong to Alexander:
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Subject:ppictures of Alexander from villa Farnesina
Time:4:52 pm.
Mood: cranky.
Here are the scanned photos of frescoes from Villa Farnesina in Rome, depicting different points in Alexander's life, made by Sodoma. He was commissioned to paint them for the bedroom of Agostino Chigi in 1519. The most famous one is The marriage of Alexander and Roxane, but there are several other. Since there was no waz to post them here, here are the links:
Marriage of Alexander and Roxana

Alexander taming Bucephalus:

Alexander with mother of Darius:

Battle scene:

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Thursday, June 21st, 2007

Time:10:00 am.
Mood: accomplished.
My finals are finallly DONE!Over.Now I can breathe again, well at least until Spetmbre.And start packing for a month stay in Rome.That's one of those things I could never believe would actually happen,I mean for the whole July I'll be in the city I've dreamt of since I was kid. Most probably I won't stay only in Rome, but will make day trips to nerby towns/cities, and ten I do have some friends in other cities, so I'll most probably meet up with them as well.
The only thing that buggers me is that now when I have so much free time to write I can't concentrate...my muse is gone :(
Oh, well, it'll get better.

btw.If anyone now something that might be interesting to see, since I'm a future historian, apart from those famous things, something not really well-known, but perhaps interesting and important, plaese drop a line.
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Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

Time:3:13 pm.
Mood: calm.
Well, today is my birthday. I can't believe how old I am....And I've thought I'll forget it this year, but no: ppl came running with all those best wishes. Anyway, at least i'll be alone exept for my parents, but then they're not such a bother. In all honesty I hate preparing birthday parties.I mean it's my day and it should be me who'd relax and be pampered, but instead I usually end worrying is there enough drink, snacks, who can't stand whom an cleaning in the end.And ppl here don't have that nice custom of preparing surprise birthday parties for their friends. Thanx to April examintaion period, there will be no need to bother myself, coz all my friends are having exams at some point until friday.So, most probably I'll throw a party on weekend; not that I hate parties, on contrary I love them, but as long as I don't need to organize and clean everything on my birthday.
So, yeah, I'm going to lie down and read something nice...
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Saturday, April 7th, 2007

Time:6:11 pm.
Mood: angry.
It has been ages since I've written anything here, but that's what happens when university life catches me unpreapred.
Thakfully, I'll have so free time now, before the exam period starts again. There are good news and bad ones.The good ones being that I'm done with Latin, I' passed it and hopefully won't see Cesar and other chaps for some time. the bad one is that I can't stand ancient history professor assistant, or however is called a person who teaches or helps professor but hasn't done his phd yet. I swear I'll attack him physically next time he mentions Alexander. I mean the guy is an idiot. Well, he told me that english translations of ancient sources and those in other lamguages are not the same, therefore since i've read them in English they aren't valid.WTF!!!!!!!!And he has problem remembering if Alexander was the III or the IV, or was his wife's name Roksanda or Roxana, or claims that there were no evidences why was Philip regent for the first one or two years of his reign instead of being king...and the list goes on. so, the last time I had a nice discussion with him. He claimed that Macedonian army didn't love Alexander anymore at the time of his death, the resons are the revolt in India, attempts of
assassination, the Gedrosian desert failiure. I told him that yes they were unsatisfied, but first we have to define the meaning of love and separate it from respect, hero worship and other similar meanings.He didn't agree and kept saying how he wasn't loved any more and how any other campaign he would've undertaken would have been complete disaster b/c he couldn't do anything with his army. I pointed out that soldiers were satisfied when they got back to Babylon and yes, some wanted home, but in general people are happy when you give them money and let them spend it and accept their
achievements and that the attempts of regicide were attempt of few and although they show disatissfaction in the army it
doesn't mean that everyone was for it. So we went on and on, until he couldn't say anything but that we should agree that he was respected.DUH!!!Oh, and he told me 'listen,i'm your lecturer, so i know'-what an answer.
I think I better stop before I ruin poor computer, coz i'm really angry and it's the neares thing i can hit :)
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Thursday, January 11th, 2007

Subject:problems with inserting links
Time:1:53 pm.
Mood: annoyed.
I have a problem with inserting links to a post. I click on the 'insert/edit link' icon when updating journal, but when I type the link in the space provided for it nothing happens, there's no link, just blnak space. So I wonder what's wrong. I use Mozilla Firefox instead of IE, but I doubt that's what's making  the problem. I'm really stupid when it comes to technology, so if anyone has any clue what should I do, please say. I'll appreciate any suggestion.
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Monday, January 8th, 2007

Subject:Represenations of some of Alexander's companions
Time:2:05 pm.
Mood: nervous.
I've thought it would be neat to try  and find how at least some of Alexander's companions looked like in reality, so here are some of them, the ones I found on the web:

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Saturday, December 2nd, 2006

Subject:FIC: Betrayal
Time:10:38 am.
Mood: excited.

Title: Betrayal
Author: heroineanilem
Summary: Well, I tried to evoke Alexander's dilemma before reaching decision of Philotas' execution.
Rating: PG-13
Feedback: All constructive comments are appreciated
Disclaimer. Unfortunately I don't own them and don't make any money out of them.
Category: Historical
A/N: There is a slight description of torture. And, since I don't have a beta all mistakes are mine.

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Thursday, October 26th, 2006

Subject:Alexander: a tipical alpha male?
Time:5:08 pm.
Mood: exhausted.
Trying to find something else, I stumbled across this article about ATG and alpha males and how ATG is a tipical alpha male. Well, I don't know much about psychology or alpha males, but it was a nice reading and not too long. So, here is a quote from there and the link:

Alexander the Great: the superb career of an alpha-male
By: Paolo Crocchiolo

In recent years, the psycho-neuro-sociobiologic approach to human sciences is raising growing
interest within the scientific community. In this new perspective EO Wilson’s book “Consilience”
has significantly contributed to draw attention on possible innovative interpretations of history,
philosophy and the arts.
Alexander the Great represents, in this context, a paradigmatic example possibly fitting the classical
features of an α male. Thus, a number of significant episodes of Alexander the Great’s life, as
reported by his biographers, were selected to be discussed and related to their possible biological
significance. Alpha male-related inborn mental/emotional archetypes are hypothesized underlying
these episodes, such as self-deification, loyalty, hubris, magnanimity, polygamy, homosexuality,
and, in several different circumstances, more generally, α male-role playing behaviours."

the link is here:

Would like to know what some other ppl think of it.

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Friday, October 13th, 2006

Time:6:12 pm.
Mood: blank.
Until now I've thought I loved my history lessons, but now I'm seriously starting to doubt it. Well, my professor of classic history was so impressed by my work on Alexander (not the one I still have to hand in) that while they had a little nice chit-chat over a coffee he had to mention it to my professor of oriental history. So, the oriental studies professor comes up to me today and says that I shouldn't pick a topic for an essay as all other students will at the following class, but he has the one that he would higly recomend me(in other words I have no right to reject, otherwise.....x_x). I can't remember how I found myself in his office, but the next thing I know is that he is praising my work and depth with which I understood ATG and even his relationship with Hephaestion. Because of that he is sure that I can do a wonderfu job on Suleyman the Magnificent, the Ottoman Sultan and more precisely his realtionship with his Grand Vizier, Pargali Ibrahim Pasha. The topic is more than interesting and equally more than challenging and extrmely demanding, since I have no clue where to start and how to find sources. And the guy expects so much.I HATE when ppl expect anything from me!
I started reading material and I see why he wanted me to do that, but I'm questioning how well I'll handle the topic and, of course, said goodbye to sleeping nights.
So, basically what I found on them is not much, but ineresting.

Namely, Pargali Ibrahim Pahsa was born in a small Greek town Parga and at the age of six sold as a slave to the Ottoman palace for future sultans. There he became friends with Suleyman, the future Suleyman the Magnificent, one of the greatest rulers of all time, who was about the same age. It seems that they forged an extremely strong bond. Of their youths we don't know anything. However, the first post Ibrahim was assigned is the falconer for the sultan. His rapid rise caused jealosy to the point that he himself begged Suleyman not to promote him that quickly in fear for both his and sultan's life. His modesty and reason were favoured by the sultan to the point that he vowed that  he would never put him to death under any circumstances.
Later promotions followed to the point that he became the second most powerfull man in the empire. His power was absolute as was the sultan's. It's interesting that their friendship was so strong that Ibrahim was even appointed the first officer of the Royal Bedchamber, which was most irregular. It was well known that he shared Suleyman's bedroom, where his bed was put and when on campaigns his tent. Their European contemporaries saw that relationship not only political and emotional, but also sexual. Personally, I haven't found in any source that they were explicitly lovers.
Although he followed the sultan on the campaigns, his primary role was diplomatic. He was awed poliglot  and on diplomatic field his exploits were magnificent as the sultan's were on the battlefield.  İbrahim's work with Western Christendom was a complete success. Portraying himself as "the real power behind the Ottoman empire", İbrahim used a variety of tactics to negotiate favorable deals with the leaders of the Catholic powers. The Venetians called him "İbrahim the Magnificent", a play on Suleiman's usual sobriquet. In 1533, he convinced Charles V    to turn Hungary into an Ottoman vassal state. In 1535 he agreed with Francis I that gave France favorable trade rights within the Ottoman empire in exchange for joint action against the Habsburgs. This agreement would set the stage for joint Franco-Ottoman naval maneuvers, including the basing of the entire Ottoman fleet in Nice in the winter 1543.
However, reasonable and diplomatic pasha found his downfall during the campaign against Safavid Persia, when he said that he should have all the titles including the sultan or that he was the real sultan. Such imprudence might've been forgotten, but there was beautiful and clever Suleyman's wife Roxelana. She was captured in Lithuanian Russia as a slave; being a priest's daughter she was educated, but ended up in the royal harem. Her witt made her Sulyeman's favourite wife and empress. She saw a great rival in Ibrahim, and she felt she couldn't act freely enough until he held power. Namely, he was allied with Mustafa, the favourite son of Suleyman's by another concubine, what was blatant threat for Roxelana's sons.
For his impudence he was executed in a way only the ones of royal blood should be. He was killed after 13 years of being his Grand Vizier and commander-in-chief of all the armies. Since Suleiman had swore not to take Ibrahim's life during his reign, he acquired a fetva, which permitted him to take back the oath by building a mosque in Istanbul. He announced the fetva one week before İbrahim's execution and dined alone with him seven times before the final move, so to give his life-long friend a chance to flee the country or to take the sultan's own life. In was later discovered in İbrahim's letters that he was perfectly aware of the situation but nevertheless decided to stay true to Suleiman.
After this Suleyman's character changed and little by little he became a morbid figure.

So, yeah, I should write about this sad story :(
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Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Time:9:22 am.
Gay Rights
"Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?" - Ernest Gaines

We would like to know who really believes in gay rights on LiveJournal. There is no bribe of a miracle or anything like that. If you truly believe in gay rights, then repost this and title the post as "Gay Rights". If you don't believe in gay rights, then just ignore this. Thanks.
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Time:9:11 am.
Mood: confused.
One thing I found on Alexander when I was in Armenia is that manuscript on him from the Manuscript Museum in Yerevan. Here's the pic:

Explanation next to it said: 
(transl. from Greek in the 5th cent., Ms. 17th cent.)
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Monday, May 22nd, 2006

Subject:Alexander's daughter???
Time:1:52 pm.
Mood: anxious.

This is the first time I've ever heard that Alexander had a daughter, but according to the genealogy tree (follow the link below!) he got her by Roxanne. The girl was married to Achaeus I Prince of Syria, who was Seleucus I Nikator' son, who was again Alexander companion. She had 4 children, of whom some ruled Syria.
The link is here: 

Personally, I don't know what to think of it. I've got it through Wikipedia. I don' know if it's totaly made up, or if there are any proofs. But if anyone knows anything, please share your knowledge :)

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Friday, May 5th, 2006

Time:9:53 pm.
Mood: shocked.

My father's collegue's son is lurked into white slavery thing or human trafficking or howere it's called and it seems  he can't get out of it! He's somewhere in Tajikistan or Khirgystan or Turkmenistan or some other of those countries, I couldn't remember it's name. I'm so shocked and depressed! He can't call his parents, his papers were taken away from him and I don't know how he conntacted them. This' all like nightmare. I've heard of women being taken as sex slaves, but men too...
I don't why I wrote this, but I suppose I had to react somehow. This only makes me more detemined to work in any kind of humanitarian organization  that deals with it. I don't blind myself that I can change the world, but even if I could push it in the right way a bit I'd be the happiest.

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